Chronic Chapped Lips Treatment and Prevention

Published: 09th September 2010
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Chapped lips are lips that seem dry, scaly, and may have one or more little cracks. Chronic chapped lips can be consequence from nutritional deficiencies and dehydration, or over exposure to sun or cold and windy conditions. There are many common causes of chronic chapped lips. The cause of chapped lips can be separate two forms Primary and Secondly. Dry air, wind, sun and/or cold temperatures can wreck havoc on sensitive, unprotected lip tissue. Contact dermatitis should be considered and may be stemming from allergies and/or topical irritation. Medications could be a factor. Suspect any lately started medications as the potential source of irritation.

Vitamin C can cause photo toxic reaction in a few people. So, if you are allergic to Vitamin C, be careful while ingesting citric foods. Metal objects like paper clips and pocket change is a very likely culprit for causing chronic chapped lips. An allergic reaction to metal may present itself on your lips. Red dye is an ingredient in numerous common products. Items like gum, candy, mouthwash, and lozenges all contain red dye that may cause an allergic reaction. Orange juice as well as any other citrus juice can irritate your lips. Citrus can cause photo-toxic reaction that appears to be chapped lips.

Cinnamon flavoring can defer lip chapping. This flavoring is usually used in gum, candy, and mouthwash. Many other lip care products are valued noting when it comes to narrowing in on allergic reactions. Lipsticks holding the ingredient propyl gallate can also result in a contact allergy. Various other lip care products are worth noting when it comes to narrowing in on allergic reactions. Many contain Phenylsalicylate or salol, which is commonly the cause. Many hold phenylsalicylate or salol, which is generally the cause. Natural oils in the affected skin and often lessen by excessive exposure to cold, dry air, wind and sun.

Prevention is always better than cure. There are various ways to diminish chapped lips correctly. Honey has antibacterial attributes which can help treat and soft chapped lips. Drink more than the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. Calcium, magnesium and flax seed oil taken as a combination can provide relief from chronic chapped lips. These are available in milk and milk products, almonds, tofu, beans etc. Use a Moisturizer at home to keep air moist. Avoid using flavored lip balms & lipsticks. These will tempt you to lick your lips, drying them out even more. Dont smoke. Smoking will constantly evaporate any natural oils on the lips.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for Makeup Application Tips and Health Beauty Tips.

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